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Loxodonta africanus, being a herbivore, must stay awake how long in order to consume its daily allowance of nutrients?

Bison bison walks on hooves, making it what locomotive stance?
Bears eat a huge variety of fish and plants, classifying them as what type of consumer?
Most deer, with the exception of reindeer, have males with antlers and females without.  What is the term for organisms that have physical secondary sexual characteristics?
Cows have many chambers to their stomachs and a long digestive system because of their diet.  Based on this information, what type of consumer are they?
Giraffa camelopardis are obviously herbivores (Horns and/or Hooves = Herbivores).  Based on where their food source is, what type of herbivore are they?
This sugar glider is the marsupial form of a flying squirrel.  What type of locomotion do they specialize in?
Pongo pygmaeus has an opposable thumb for holding things but also uses it for what type of locomotion that is most common in primates?
Thalarctos maritimus uses its flat feet for swimming as well as walking on the cold snow and ice.  Based on its feet, what is its locomotive stance?
This bear, like all mammals, holds a constant internal body temperature, even when in the freezing water.  What term describes this stable body temperature?
Suricatta suricatta has the same niche as the prairie dog but is found in Africa.  What type of relationship do they then have with the prairie dog?
Panthera leo is usually found sleeping and relaxing.  How is being inactive an adaptation for its niche?
To what type of consumer would these teeth belong and how are they an adaptation?
Castor canadensis has very large incisors that are involved in its shelter-building behavior.  How are they adapted?

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