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Almost all birds, as this chick illustrates must be able to move fast in order to take flight and/or escape predation.  What type of limb orientation do all birds possess, whether flighted or flightless?
Psittacus erithacus erithacus is obviously digitigrade but for what are they adapted?
Amazona aestiva is a parrot like Psittacus erithacus above.  They inhabit different continents but have the same niche which means they have what type of relationship?
Struthio papio is a ratite, a flightless bird.  For what major type of locomotion has it adapted and how? 
Rhamphastos sulfuratus is a frugivore that lives in what major biome?
The hearts of hummingbirds beat 50 - 125 times per second.  Due to this high activity, what do they do every night to rest?
This goose's feet must be adapted for what type of locomotion?
This eagle is a raptor which is what type of consumer?
What type of organism would have built this shelter?  Please give the species known for this type of nesting behavior.

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